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This ministry was created for the purpose of showing the perfect love of the Lord to everyone and every where.  Not discriminating against anyone and anything, including religion, belief, color, creed, nationality, etc.

We want to bring joy to all that we touch through all our events, words and action - demonstrating that there is hope, that you are not alone.

My ultimate goal is to be able to build La Casa Agape in Puerto Rico where all will be welcomed as a place of refuge, education, receive wellness services and serve as a shelter in times of need.  A place where you can feel free to go and just simply have a cup of coffee, where your children can have a "safe" place to go to receive tutoring, mentoring or play.  A place where those in need can receive the basic preventive services to include vaccines and immunizations.  All to be provided completely free by donations and volunteers.

All donations received are used 100% towards the ministry events and expenses - there are no salaries our overhead expenses.

All the Glory be to God!

We welcome not only your donations, but also any interest that you may have in helping this ministry make a difference in this world.

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